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Copa Shorts Film Fest 2019

Copa Shorts in Pitch Fest

Posted August 21st, 2017 by rogergillespie in Festival Update

After weeks of preparation, practice, networking, PowerPoint development, and more practice, Copa Shorts Film Fest was on stage for the 1st MCE Pitch Competition on August 19, 2017. Although our fearless exec director, me, was not the declared winner, I was pleased to be able to acquaint dozens of new area residents with our wonderful Copa Shorts Film Fest.

The experience was so intense that I think I’ve bonded with the 4 other finalists – forever!

What I had hoped for, receiving services for social media and website analytics, was precisely what I came away with for helping our festival reach out to more people.

(The photo, admittedly hard to see, shows the 5 of us on stage. I’m the one in the brightly colored dress.)

The other finalists had businesses like Mythical Gardens (costumes for Comicons,) Hard Copy Fingerprinting Services, Maricopa HIspanic Chamber of Commerce, and a Hip Hop Dance Studio.

Now, back to work!

We have started registering participants for our 3 days of filmmaking workshops on September 13, 14, 19. For more information and to register, see our “Workshops” tab. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about use of light and sound, camera, legal issues, and screenwriting with plot, characters, and dialogue enhancement. Workshops are free to attend, but pre-registration is required.