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Copa Shorts Film Fest 2019

Community Workshops with Avid Attendees

Posted October 2nd, 2017 by shelleygillespie in Festival Update

We held 3 days of workshops at 3 different Central Arizona College campuses in mid-September.  Positive reactions!

Our workshop presenters included knowledgable film world professionals:

  • Guy Reed – who showed everyone how to use their cameras better.
  • Stephen Wade Nebgen – who answered questions and presented information to help every filmmaker and attendee who to do to stay legal (avoiding plagiarism, forming a company, and MUCH more)
  • Steve Wargo – who showed workshop attendees how to place their lighting, use their video cameras, and make their work look better.

Steve Wargo

As a result of these workshops (plus the ones Roger and I taught on screenplay writing (with emphasis on plot, characters, and dialogue)), we’ve offered knowledge and opportunities for future filmmakers. Several of the attendees plan to submit their films to Copa Shorts Film Fest.  Submission deadline: October 13.

And we were fortunate to be interviewed and showcased on PBS Channel 8 on September 28, 2017 in Phoenix by talented on-

air journalist Monica Sampson.  More on our TV presence in another blog!