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Copa Shorts Film Fest 2019


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Copa Shorts Film Fest as Covered by the Media ~~~

DATE: August 10, 2016

Publication: Ahwatukee Foothills News

AFN published news of the Screenwriting/Filmmaking workshops Copa Shorts Film Fest is partnering with CAC at the Maricopa CAC campus on September 15.  OPEN TO ALL – and FREE!

Pre-registration is required. Register at:

Maricopa filmmaking workshop is free, open to Ahwatukee residents

on this link:


DATE: July 1, 2016


Reporter Melissa St. Aude interviewed Copa Shorts Film Fest volunteers, film producer Bruce Anderson and grant writer and CSFF intern Eryn Bailey, as well as executive director Shelley Gillespie, to learn more about the festival. See the full story,

MARICOPA FILM FESTIVAL: Local filmmaker, others glad to lend a hand

on this link:


DATE: June 10, 2016


Reporter Melissa St. Aude interviewed Copa Shorts Film Fest executive director Shelley Gillespie to learn the full scoop on the festival.  See the full story,

New film fest in Maricopa

 on this link:

An additional story next week will tell more about community members volunteering behind the scenes for the festival.


DATE: May 26, 2016


Copa Shorts Film Fest Directors, Shelley Gillespie and Roger Gillespie, were interviewed by Raquel Hendrickson, editor, of the online media for the City of Maricopa.

The launch of the festival, categories of films accepted to the festival, judging and submission deadlines were discussed.

Note: The extended deadline for film submissions is $40; the extended deadline for Screenplay submissions is $35.

See the story: