Film Line-Up
COPA Shorts Film Fest 2019

SATURDAY, February 23rd

SUNDAY, February 24th

Program Summary

Copa Shorts Film Fest will commence on Saturday, February 23, 2019, at the 1st Class MARICOPA HIGH SCHOOL'S State-of-the-Art Performing Arts Center in Maricopa with a focus on the Middle and High School filmmakers from around the county and around the world. 

On Sunday, February 24th, Copa Shorts Film Fest moves to nearby MARICOPA CITY HALL where college and adult films from around the world will be shown.

With Free Workshops, Q & A opportunity with attending Film Makers, After Parties,  Music, Awards Ceremony, Live presentation of the Oscars (shown in the lobby on Sunday); the event is sure to delight Film Aficionados, Families & Friends, and the community alike in sharing a magical experience that enriches us all. 

Food Trucks will be onsite as well!

 Film Block
 Finding Answers

  High School PG-13

Saturday Feb. 23, 2019

Film Block
2:30 PM – 3:50 PM

Shorts Film Title


Film Duration

Film Submission

Beachballs and Tablecloths

Three teenagers stuck on the side of the road must find a way out of their tough situation.


California, USA

When the Minute Hand Strikes

Rita knows she’s doing the right thing; but time and fate may have other plans.


Maricopa, Arizona USA


“An expectant grandmother anxiously waits for her businessman son to visit her again after she is placed in an old age home. “



Due Process

An overburdened social worker fights to bring justice to a mother and her unborn child.


California, USA

The Goldfish

A boy escapes the collapse of his parents marriage by concentrating on his pet.


California, USA

“Your Move.” 

A discouraged and disillusioned high school senior receives eye-opening and life-changing advice from his beloved older sister.


Texas, USA

The Existential Crisis of Maxwell Anderson

Social interaction vs. the obssession with cell phones and video games leads a High School student to discover the cure to a happy life might be simpler than you think.


California, USA

Film Block

Middle School

Saturday Feb. 23, 2019

Film Block
4:10 PM – 5:15 PM

Shorts Film Title


Film Duration

Film Submission

Nevertheless, She Persisted

This short film shows the importance of gender equality, by reflecting how females are strong and powerful, and have rights. The poem was made in to a film that showcases clips from girls and women from different ages, races, and professions. Enjoy!


California, USA


Savannah is new at the school, but she’s about to be part of the school’s must absurd legend. Or is it?


Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Happy Fall

The short life of a pumpkin from ground to fall decor.


Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Kindness Equals Calm Short

When an ambitious and caring child psychologist takes a group of teens on a retreat to Camp Shine Bright, her skills and patience are put to the ultimate test.


Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Earth Invaders

While playing soccer, two middle school students encounter beings from another world; the focus quickly goes from scoring goals to survival!


Maricopa, Arizona, USA

The Unknown

A teenage girl and her father live a quiet rural life until a traumatic experience would rattle their peace by the core.


Maricopa, Arizona, USA

The Planting of the Orchard

A simple act can do so much good for all of humanity.


Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Smell the Roses

An elderly man moves in with his daughter, Julia. Julia, being a single mom and generally busy in life does not take the quality time she needs, to be with her dad.


California, USA

Break From 5:15 PM To 5:45 PM
Grab A Bite To Eat at the Food Trucks!

 Film Block

  High School

Saturday Feb. 23, 2019

Film Block
5:45 PM – 6:50 PM

Shorts Film Title


Film Duration

Film Submission

Happy Alone

Girl finds out she’s happier (being) alone.


Massachusetts, USA


Two members of Generation Z expound on their values and habits as they redefine minimalism in a world of consumption, technology, and information overload.


New York, USA

The Grounded Astronaut

A young girl struggles to keep her head afloat while drowning in the overload work of school.


North Carolina, USA

Wish We Could Play

Rohan is a normal teenager who spends a lot of time on his phone and laptop. His parents are so busy with their own lives that they are unaware of what Rohan is going through emotionally and psycologically. The film presents this theme as the story of a football who tells us how important it is for a family to play and to share.



The Wedding Dress

A reluctant bride takes matters into her own hand.


California, USA

Round and Round

Being the new kid can be tough. From making new friends to finding your way around the school Alex finds out this is nothing compared to the chimerical world of bus 44. From the popular crowd to the just plain weird, what goes on behind those tinted windows will help her find out who she is and what friendship really means.


Texas, USA


Young girls learn to navigate the evolving teenage hierarchy.


California, USA

Strawberry Afternoons

A Wes-Anderson-inspired short film set in rural Wisconsin seeks to emulate the colors and aesthetics of “Moonrise Kingdom.”


Wisconsin, USA