COPA Shorts Film Fest would like to extend our appreciation for each of the 22 volunteers who helped make our February 2019 festival possible. On April 24, 2019 eight of our volunteers received special recognition during the MUSD (Maricopa Unified School District) school board meeting for their service.

Among these volunteers was Sarah Hymer, who served for over 20 hours during the weekend!

Also recognized were Christina Surber, Kaden Rogers and Derek Blakely who participated in a special table read for the screenplay Mia, written by Sheri Davenport. Kudos to Christina, who gracefully kept her composure while wrangling a misbehaving service dog during the table read..

Derek Blakely provided us with comic relief in his role as a waiter in the table read. He played his role perfectly. Derek was a quick study and did a perfect job, especially considering he had other lines to memorize for another role in the high school production he was in at the time.

To Kaden (our model-actor) who we aged horribly while also making him appear ill, just before transforming him to appear beaten. Rough day for Kaden!  These transformations were all done by the skillful hand of Aeni Domme, a very talented professional SFX makeup artist at our morning film festival workshop. (see post here)

Kevin Piquette and his tech crew were also recognized for all of their hard work in the booth. They worked their magic to bring the films to life on the big screen, so we all could enjoy the hard work of our talented filmmakers.