On November 7-8, Copa Shorts Film Fest 4th Annual Festival will have great films and the winning screenplay in a virtual format for your viewing enjoyment.

We’ll be offering film blocks with more choice of when you wish to view the films.

With our streaming partner, we’ll offer a way for viewers to provide feedback on the films. And, with filmmaker participation during the festival, you can hear back from them.

Filmmaker educational workshops will also be offered virtually. And, we’ll include awards announcements.

Submissions are still open for films and screenplays until July 31! Get your films and screenplays in NOW! (20 minutes or less; 20 pages or less)

On September 18, the filmmakers and screenwriters of our chosen films and screenplays will be notified.

You’ll have the opportunity to reserve your film block and educational workshop tickets in advance. More details coming soon!

NOTE: Filmmakers – We encourage you to submit films and, if chosen for the festival, please join us for the virtual version of Copa Shorts. Awards, cash and prizes are available to winners, as well as a much larger audience!