Ces guides ont été écrits par les employés de la COPA, les collaborateurs des Clubs COPA et les membres de la COPA. Ils sont pleins d’information pertinente au sujet de l’aviation générale. Les guides sont mis à jour régulièrement alors SVP vérifier si vous avez la dernière version avant d’utiliser l’information contenue dans un des guides.

Présentement, les guides ne sont disponibles qu’en anglais


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Descriptions des Guides

Guide des rencontres aériennes

Présentement en anglais, le français sera bientôt disponible

  • Ce guide fournit des informations aux organisateurs d’événements aéronautiques. Bien qu’il soit destiné aux Clubs COPA ( chapitres locaux de la COPA ) et aux membres de la COPA, il s’applique également à toute personne qui organise des événements aéronautiques afin de s’assurer qu’ils sont sécuritaires et bénéficient d’une protection d’assurance appropriée. Ce guide aide également les membres de la COPA et les Clubs COPA à comprendre ce qui est couvert par l’assurance COPA Air Meet lorsque des événements sont organisés au nom de la COPA.

Accédez le guide ici.

Guide des constructions amateurs

  • This guide is designed as an introduction to amateur-built aircraft of all types. It takes the pilot new to amateur-builts through the whole spectrum of aircraft in this category, including airplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes, balloons, airships, gyrogliders and lots more. This Guide is designed to give you the background information that you will need to get involved in amateur-built aircraft, whether you are planning to design your own plane, build from plans, build a kit or buy a used amateur-built aircraft.

Access the guide here.

Guide pour la construction d'un hangar

  • Written by two COPA members who built a private hangar on leased land at a registered aerodrome. Helpful tips on what to do, what not to do, and what to do differently.

Access the guide here.

Guide pour l'achat d'un aéronef

  • The package includes step-by-step procedures, good-to-know tips, articles by well-known authors and forms for Offer to Purchase, Bill of Sale and two different sample Partnership Agreements.

Access the guide here.

Guide des aéronefs certifiés

  • This guide will take you through some of the key things to know about certified aircraft including aircraft certification, STCs, LSTCs, ADs, annual inspections, “out-of-phase” maintenance items and more!

Access the guide here.

Guide des opérations transfrontalières

  • Written jointly by AOPA and COPA, this extensive guide is for pilots planning to fly across the Canadian/American border for the first time. It includes information for pilots of either country on cross-border flight procedures, regulations, customs and much more. AOPA members can also contact COPA staff for assistance with flying in Canada, including having access to our Guide to Cross-border Operations.

Access the guide here.

Guide pour faire face aux accidents d'aéronefs

  • This guide has been written by Garth Wallace to give information to pilots about the practical and psychological aspects of aircraft accidents. It is a wonderful guide for COPA Flights, local clubs and communities to use for accident planning – read it before you have an accident!

Access the guide here.

Guide pour estimer les coûts opérationnels des aéronefs

  • This is an aircraft operating cost estimating program. Just plug in the numbers and the program works out your aircraft costs per year and per hour. Requires Microsoft Excel to operate.

Access the guide here.

Guide de l'application de la loi

  • To assist you when you find yourself the subject of a Transport Canada enforcement action: including what to expect, how the system works and how to deal with the investigation process and TATC (formerly CAT) appeal, if necessary. The guide deals with the loss of medical appeals too.

Access the guide here.

Guide pour le retour en vol

  • This guide is for people who used to fly and would like to get back into flying. It explains the requirements and gives an easy checklist to get you through the medical, recency and re-currency requirements along with much more useful information.

Access the guide here.

Guide sur le vol à voile

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of flying without engines, This guide – externally written for COPA by the Soaring Association of Canada, covers all aspects of gliding and soaring in Canada.

Access the guide here.

Guide de la classe limitée

  • Welcome to the fascinating world of ex-military Warbirds, Soviet Bloc transports, jet trainers, military liaison aircraft, non-certified sailplanes from exotic parts of the world and many more unusual types of aircraft – the uniquely Canadian “limited class”. This Guide will walk the pilot or prospective owner of one of these aircraft through the new Canadian rules, covering the advantages and the pitfalls found in this diverse group or aircraft.

Access the guide here.

Guide pour les réunions virtuelles

  • Many Flights have been turning to online video conferences to hold their meetings and safety seminars. The intent of this COPA Guide to Online Meetings is to introduce and compare the platforms available for virtual meetings.

Access the guide here.

Guide de la catégorie propriétaire-entretien

  • This guide explains the background and regulations governing the Owner-Maintenance Aircraft Category. It includes everything you need to know to put an aircraft in the O-M category.

Access the guide here.

Guide des aérodromes privés

  • Revised with more information on Federal Jurisdiction! This guide will assist COPA members in developing their own private aerodrome including dealing with municipal and provincial governments.

Access the guide here.