Summary of the issue

  • Transport Canada who maintains the Canadian Civil Aircraft Registrar is proposing fee changes to its aircraft registration services.
  • COPA recognizes that service fees for aircraft registration have not changed since 1996 and that the Government of Canada is interested to ‘modernize’ fees to more accurately reflect the current cost of providing services. The association agrees that the concept of user fees for some government services is valid when implemented in a reasonable, cost balanced and mutually beneficial manner.
  • Unfortunately, COPA cannot recognize the current proposed changes as being reasonable, cost balanced or mutually beneficial between users and government. Therefore, COPA does not support the proposed changes to fees and submits that the cost benefit analysis of this proposal be revisited on a more than superficial level targeting aircraft owners as the sole beneficiaries of Registration Services.
  • In response to the fee modernization proposal, COPA has submitted the following letter to Transport Canada in early spring of 2023.

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