Last updated: December 05, 2023

Summary of the issue:

  • As part of its modernization process, Transport Canada is analysing its current process for medical certification.
  • Transport Canada created a consultation calling for comments and questions regarding the current process by September 01, 2023.
  • Transport Canada has been experiencing challenges with the processing of aviation medicals causing lengthy wait periods for many Canadian pilots.
  • The reduced number of Civil Aviation Medical Examiners (CAME) and reduced authority for regional CAME are one of the factors causing a delay to aviation medicals for certain regions of Canada.
  • As a result of these advocacy efforts, Transport Canada launched a form (in 2023) for pilots experiencing significant delays or issues with the processing of their aviation medicals to make an inquiry.
  • COPA feels the system needs to be revised and improved to meet the needs of the aviation community.

What COPA is doing:

  • COPA is advocating on behalf of our members on this issue, which includes regular communications and inquiries with Transport Canada, articles and updates in the COPA Flight magazine, as information becomes available and communication support for members experiencing significantly delayed medicals.
  • COPA created a response to the recent consultation, using information gathered from assisting members with the medical process, and comments gathered directly from members. This response can be found here. 
  • COPA members who have not received a reply within 2 months of submitting their Transport Canada form are encouraged to complete COPA’s form below. Please do not submit to both Transport Canada and COPA’s medical form at the same time.

COPA Member Medical Form

COPA Member Medical Inquiries

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